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Coaching is an extraordinary relationship where two people work together in an ongoing, supportive relationship that brings out the best in the client. Coaching moves the client forward on their agenda through empowerment.


What is a Coach?

A coach is a partner who is committed to your success, whatever rendition of success you choose. A coach gives people advantages in life by working with you to:


  • Determine and hold you accountable to goals
  • Increase financial abundance
  • Reach higher than you have ever reached
  • Make decisions that honor your values
  • Design a life you love to live
  • Remove blocks that keep you from moving forward
  • And so much more!


How To Choose Your Coach?

I have been asked this question many times. The answer really is not as easy as one may think. The answer goes well beyond choosing a coach and why choosing the right one is so important.


If you want an abundant relationship with a coach, the following are some guidelines I suggest implementing as you make your decision:


  • Choose a coach who is credentialed. Any coach who is credentialed should readily be willing to share their certificate of credential. The certificate must be from a coach Credentialing institution and be signed.
  • Choose a coach who is in good standing with the International Coaching Federation and/ or the International Association of Coaches. Go to those websites to look for the name of the person you may choose. Make sure their name comes up in the listing of coaches. (Know that a logo on a website is not always a sign of credentials)
  • Ask your coach questions about their training and experience
  • Ask for testimonies from past coaching clients
  • Choose a coach who specializes in the right field or area of expertise that you want coaching in, and just a note: a great coach can coach you in any area.
  • Be diligent in asking the coach if they have been specifically trained in coaching skills and currently hold or in the process of acquiring an ICF credential. Don't be misled to think a coach is a competent coach because they have other professional credentials or set high fees.
  • Try a sample session and be aware of :
    • how well your coach listens
    • whose agenda the coach is coaching
    • how empowered you feel
    • whether or not judgment was present
    • what your intuition tells you


What the International Coach Federation says about coaching...

“Simply put, that we humans are great, that we’re all discovering what we really want and that we get can get what we want faster and easier by having a coach who’s been there and who can help us.

No matter where you are in life, there is always a desire for more. More success, more money, closer relationships, a deeper feeling of meaning in life, etc. It’s the nature of people to want attain more, become more, and we all struggle with how to get what we’re looking for…” –International Coach Federation


What the media says about coaching...

“Coaches have the ability to view things from afar- in what some call “helicopter vision”- and to shed new light on difficult situations, often they can act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills and motivate.” CFO Magazine

“If you want to be successful in life, hire a coach.” -John Maxwell



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